What to do to Clean up Basement Leaks

It is stressful to find your basement flood with water. When the leak came from minor which causes minor damage or leak that cause significantly in your basement. Importantly, to remember in such a situation is to remain calm but act promptly to avoid further damage. Call Calgary damage restoration services!

Below are guides to deal with wet basement:

Be Safe

First things first to make yourself safe when dealing with the wet basement. You need to wear a rubber boot and stay dry. Be sure not to use electrical devices unless it is safe to do, it may cause you electrocuted or shocked. Visit for concrete services.

Look The Cause of the Water Source

Before fixing the damage of the leak and how it causes, it is necessary to know where the water came from. The cause of the leak may come from the plumbing issue, water leak outside your home, or clogged. In any case, fix the cause if you able to fix it but it is better to call the professional to make sure no other cause will arise.

Extract Standing Water

If the water is not too high, if it is safe you may use a wet-dry vacuum to extract the standing water.

Sort all the belongings that attract Mold

After the water clear, salvage your belongings. Check any organic materials that attract mold if they stay wet for a longer time. For example, fabric, leather, paper, and wood.

Contact Professional 

If you feel you can handle the situation it is better to call the professional for a thorough restoration of your basement and permanent fix. In dealing with water damage there are a variety of safety hazards which include potential electrocution. It better off to keep from it and let the professionals tend to do it instead. Call the professional help to ease your stress